Peace can be defined as a state or a period of time when there is no war, violence or any form of civil disturbance. (Merriam Webster dictionary ). Youths is a word used to describe people with ages in the range 18-35 years. youths are said to be the backbone of any society, and peace is a catalyst for nation building, therefore to build our nation we need the youths and peace. Any form of violence, war or crime cannot be successful without the participation of youths, this Implies that, without youths inclusion there will be no violence and without violence there will be a peaceful society. so now the question the reader will ask is what is the role of youths in peace making? As I mentioned earlier, no violence can be successful without the inclusion of youths because they are the people with enough energy and brain capacity, they are the ones with power to hold guns, make a blow, run and live successfully in the bushes for the purpose hiding. what if those people denied participating in such violence, this will create a society that is peaceful free from violence, free from crime and also a society that is productive, Economically Brobdingnagian, imperturbable and educationally sound. Another question may come to your mind " how can the youths deny inclusion in violence ?" This can only be achieved when youth are educated and independent through practicing entrepreneurship and politics and also collaboration with other youths to help each other. This will boost our brain towards ultraefficient thinking. Finally I therefore urge you to wake up and become independent no more youth in political thugs, kidnapping, religious crisis, and any other form of civil disturbance let's make Nigeria a better place to live in the world this can be done with the contribution of youths. Yours in peace Amb. Halliru Umar Salama Zonal Auditor general North East