There is no Segregation in Youth Crisis Awareness and Peace Forum Says, President, Amb Edet Zakariya Abubakar - YCAPF Press News In a Press Statement with the YCAPF Media Team the National President states, "It has come to my notice that, most of YCAPF members who were suppose to be the founding members of Association have been looking for ways to come back into the movement. I want to use this platform to call their attention that, their membership was never nullified, we regard to as members of our family. Even though we had series of challenges that made a lot of us gave up and backed down, we commend their first move of believing in such movement, it is not everybody that believes in uniting people, but even at the unset of Youth Crisis Awareness And Peace Forum, these Ambassadors stand firm to ascertain peace and unity in their father land, we will never forget your contributions, Ycapf is a family for all, your contributions are sincerely needed and are of outmost important to the development of YCAPF and humanity at large. For that, I wish to remember you as you all know that, ycapf is for peace, and we remain peace Ambassadors. And for those Ambassadors, who have been very active and has contributed immensely to the growth and development of the movement up to it present standard, I commend your efforts, you have done well and will only be paid by Almighty Creator, because the reward for humanity service remains with the most High. With this I also wish to call the attention of those that have start slacking out of the movement, that, we have a lot at hand, we have achieved alot, we have gone too far to go back, I want boastfully say, YCAPF is the only union that has come this far without a donation of penny from anybody, we have been able to achieve more than any Association so far, if we can go this far with our self sponsorship, then imaging what YCAPF will become in the next two years if we kick start our activities fully. For that, I call on all of you to stand firm and focus on our aims and objectives, but for those who feel they must not be in YCAPF to serve humanity, I wish them success, and I hope humanity remains in their heart wherever they go. I also commend the efforts of those Ambassadors, who believed in humanity more than I do, who despite all challenges we faced in the course of this struggle remain firm, gave me hope even when I feel like giving up, I want to tell you that, you will forever remain in the hearts of Africans, humanity will remember you for the contribution you have given her. Finally, I with the hearts of all members of YCAPF family condoles the family of Late Amb Umar Faruq Amfani, who also is a core founder of this great movement, brother, the family of YCAPF will never forget you, we will forever keep you in our heart, you have cleared the way for us to achieve, may your Gentle Soul Rest in the Kingdom of Almighty Allah, Rest In Peace Brother. I forever remain loyal to YCAPF and it's family members.