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YCAPF is a non-governmental organisation whose aim is to improve peace and unity of youths in Nigeria and Africa at large, YCAPF believes every citizen of Nigeria is a peace ambassador, so joining YCAPF is completely free. YCAPF is working tirelessly to see that Nigeria has become a completely peaceful country.


To unite humanitarian activist in all angle of Nigeria, irrespective of tribe and religion, towards a common purpose, we believe that with proper leadership, Youth empowerment and enlightenment, discipline of truth and defender of democracy we can fight in one accord to maintain peace.


YCAF is on a mission to bring about or enter the four corners of Nigeria, with the aim of bringing out vibrant and prospective youth, who are capable enough to contribute towards maintaining peace, unity and stand firm to see the development of our great Nation. We are unreservedly developed to our truth, accountability, justice, and democracy in Nigeria. For us, tribe and religion inconsequential we fight in defense of our conscience and posterity. We will never submit to tyranny or any form of oppression, fear and persecution in the cause of this struggle.

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Pure Love

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I believe that violence has no religion, politics, ethnicity, color but peace has. I call all youths to shun violence and embrace peace to promote the image of Nigeria and Africa at large.

My dream and desire is to see that Nigeria and Africa at large is regarded as the best Continent that promote peace in the universe.

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