Youth Crisis Awareness and Peace Forum

YCAPF is a non-governmental organisation whose aim is to improve peace and unity of youths in Africa and The World at large


We Are Peace


YCAPF helps to promote peace and reduce the rate of crime by organising campaigns, resolving disputes, providing aids, organising workshops, seminars, self-reliance/enterpreneurship programs for youths


4 a better world

We use your donation to raise funds, which are used to sponsor youth's education, organise campaigns, symposium, peace talks, seminars, conferences, relief materials to the less priviledges and lots more...


Become a Volunteer Peace Ambassador

Become a peace ambassador to promote peace and unity among the youths of Africa and The World at large



YCAPF uses entertainment as a medium to make youths of different cultures understand their similarities to bring out a goal to achieve by using various cultural/traditional display

Online Conference

YCAPF holds online conferences so as to enable youths of various backgrounds to interact with each other and share ideas that will help in promoting peace and unity in the world

Welcome to Youth Crisis Awareness and Peace Forum

Youth crisis awareness and peace forum is on a mission to bring about or enter the four corners of The World, with the aim of bringing out vibrant and prospective youth, who are capable enough to contribute towards maintaining peace, unity and stand firm to see the development of our great Nation. We are unreservedly developed to our truth, accountability, justice, and democracy in the world. For us, tribe and religion inconsequential we fight in defense of our conscience and posterity. We will never submit to tyranny or any form of oppression, fear and persecution in the cause of this struggle.


Our Targets

YCAPF water programme

Bring water to the childrens

We raise funds through donation and build wells and reservoirs in villages so as to provide safe drinking water for children

YCAPF cause

Education is a right not a privilege

YCAPF believes illiteracy is one of the major causes of crisis and chaos, so we use the funds raised through donaion to provide education for youths who cannot afford it so as to reduce the rate of crime and violence

YCAPF Health Campaign

Health In YCAPF

YCAPF believes that health is wealth, so we use your donation to provide drugs, medicated eye lenses, wheelchairs and other equipments for the less privileges and campaign against drug abuse among others


YCAPF Conflict Resolution Campaign

YCAPF enters both rural and urban areas to settle social disturbance(Religious, ethnic, political, sectionalism, racism, to mention but few) in the society

We wish to rehabilitate the mindset of youths

YCAPF believes changing the mindset of youths to uphold peace and unity so as to become more productive in the world is the best ideology than crisis


Youths helped

Water wells and reservioirs built